Jennifer grew up in the BC Cariboo district and knew from a very young age that she wanted to work with animals. When Jennifer was 12 years old, she was babysitting her younger sister and they went outside to check on their family ducks and geese. One of the geese was upside down and drowning in the water, so Jennifer drew on her babysitting first aid knowledge and saved the goose. After this incident, Jennifer knew that she wanted a career helping animals. Once she was old enough, she attended TRU to complete the Animal Health Technology program.

Jennifer has a large furry family! Miss Moppet is the senior matriarch of the kitty crew, looking after the two tabbies Beecher and Kitsen, as well as the barn cats Whiskey and Jack. Allie is a senior Rottweiler Shepherd cross who loves to steal the cats’ food. Jennifer also has a flock of heritage chickens that include Mr. Noisy a Silkie cross, his daughter Yang and Fleur the blind Chantecler

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